Who is Using Translation Software?

Anyone seeking information on the internet must be able to understand English, as more than 80 percent of Internet pages are written in that language. Translation software is easy to use and therefore an excellent source for nations and school systems seeking to improve English levels. In one click it can deliver a translation of a word or phrase, or an entire Internet page or document. Translation software gives their students instant access to dictionaries and reference works in many languages.

Web design companies are using translation software for translating web pages for customers. Software/IT/Engineering companies use the service as well. For instance, translation software is utilized for products that are distributed by companies such as Xerox, HP, Kodak, SAP, IBM and Sandisk. These products are offered by tens of thousands of worldwide (retail) outlets. Therefore the need for the software to be available in dozens of languages is vital.

International companies have found the need for a translation service for their websites and catalogs. Many have a main focus on only a couple of languages, but there are some that require many languages as their services are provided to several countries. One of the sectors that has experienced exponential growth in recent years is the telecommunications industry. One of the biggest challenges there is providing effective customer care in a multitude of languages. Information needs to be easily accessible to customers in the languages they speak. More and more, websites and self-service portals are helping customers accross the globe find the information they need about new products or solutions to their problems. Companies in this sector using translation software include Motorola, Vodafone, France Telecom, Comverse, Amdocs and Ericsson.

Financial organizations like banks, accounting firms and investment houses must be able to communicate between all their local branches because they operate in a global marketplace. They generally use English as their official company language because in that makes it easier to follow trends in their markets, track the competitors, and quickly act upon potential and profitable business opportunities

In the public sector there is an ever increasing need for using translation software as well. Foreign affairs ministries, embassies and consulates, defense departments, intelligence agencies, and economic ministries are a few examples of government institutions that deal with processing information in foreign languages. Because they need large amounts of information translated quickly, waiting for a human translator is not a viable option. But foreign departments are not the only ones with a translation need. There is an increasing demand to serve residents who still have limited or non-existent knowledge of the local language. Using translation software allows officials to help those people.

Medical companies have found the need for translation software is crucial to their business. Medical companies for aids research and various other research projects utilize translations services for their patient’s health questionnaires allowing them to understand the needs of their patients across a population with diverse languages. Companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry that are using translation software include Bayer, Pfizer, Navartis, Merck, Teva and Sanofi Aventis.