Medical Terminology Dictionary

Dictionary Barn offers a fully functional free trial download of the Babylon software. Medical Terminology DictionaryIt features a thorough list of Online Medical Dictionaries comprising terms and clear definitions of the vast spectrum of the Medicine field. Here you find information on Alternative Medicine, Hormone Replacement therapy, Epidemiology, Transplantation, among others.

Download Includes:

  • Dictionary of Medicine (Shahram)
  • Created by: Shahram Shahsavari
    Dictionary of Medicine. Includes over 12,500 entries. Clear definitions in simple English. Example sentences show usage. Covers British and American English terms on topics such as surgery, general practice, hospitals, clinics and nursing. Quotations from journals and magazines. Line drawings of anatomical features. Tables of vitamins and calorie counts.

  • Macular Degeneration Glossary
  • Created by: MD Support
    This glossary gives explanations of terms related to macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases. The external links in the definitions offer access to extensive resources at MD Support Group site.

  • The Glossary of the American Council on Science and Health
  • Created by: Jack Raso
    Glossary of the American Council on Science and Health.

  • Glossary of Epidemiology Terms
  • Created by: Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Medical glossary related to epidemiology

  • Hormone Replacement therapy
  • Created by: U.S department of Health and Human Services
    A glossary of medical terms related to heart diseases and hormone therapies

  • A Dictionary of Alternative-Medicine Methods
  • Created by: Jack Raso, M.S., R.D., Director of Publications, American Counci
    The most comprehensive work on individual alt-med methods that has ever been available to the public. With an emphasis on theories, it succinctly describes well over 1,300 health-related methods – ranging alphabetically from abhyanga to Zulu Sangoma bones – that are medically non-mainstream in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Glossary of terms used in transplantation
  • Created by: National Institute of Health
    Medical terms and definitions related to transplantations.

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