English to German Translation

Around 500 B.C.E the Germanic people came from the Baltic region into Western Europe. Eventually they settled by the west side of the Rhine River. Throughout the years there are many Frankish tribal leaders and through these leaders the nation of Germany emerged.

English to German Translation
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The actual history of the German language can be found throughout different tribes. The German language came about through several Indo-European dialects from the ancient world. As these tribes begin to travel and migrate throughout the European continent, the language spilt in diverse range of dialects. The Frankish Emperor Clovis worked hard to standardize the German language in the late 400s. Then well-known Protestant reformer Martin Luther translated the Bible into a dialect that is commonly spoken in the Middle East area of German. From then on, “high” German is what was considered standard and proper German.

Now you may have own interests in the German language. Knowledge of English to German translations carries a lot of benefits for personal and professional reasons alike. Just a small understanding of English to German translation can help a person become more aware of German history and culture.

If you want to spend time traveling throughout Europe, knowing English to German translations can help a great deal. German is the official language of German, Austria and Luxembourg. The German language is also heavily spoken in France and Switzerland. If you plan on visiting a country whose official language is German or has a large population of German speakers, you will want to be able to communicate. English to German translations can help you discover shopping establishments, restaurants, entertainment venues and more. Not only can the locals give you ideas, but also you will be able to read publications that will help you find more things to do while on vacation.

Advanced understanding of English to German translation also opens up many career options abroad. Companies like Bosch, BMW and Siemens handles business affairs in the German language worldwide, including the United States. This can open up many partnerships with European companies and give you a chance to live and work abroad. If you don’t want to live in another country, you still can enjoy a lucrative career online by engaging in virtual business with individuals whose native tongue is the German language.

Those who want to become more involved in German culture would greatly benefit from English to German translation. They could read influential German authors like Franz Kafka and Johann Wolfgang van Goethe in their native German words. Also they can read Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud in their original form.

English to German translation is one of the easier translations for English speakers. Much of the English and German language has roots from old Germanic language. For those who are native English speakers, just by sight alone they will be able to understand and read certain German words. If you do need some help however, a free download of translation software is available here.