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Experience the comfort of free translations with Babylon translation software. It doesn’t matter whether you need to translate sentences to or from Spanish, German, French, Russian, Arabic or 70 other languages: This unique piece of translation software will turn it into child’s play!

Beats online translation websites!
Don’t waste time selecting lines, copying them, finding the right website, pasting the lines to then start looking for the right buttons to click. It can be done a lot easier and faster with Babylon translation software.

How does it work? It’s very simple! Just download the software once and you’ll be able to translate at a mouse click! Download TranslatorThe default setting allows you to translate words by holding down the Control key while right clicking the word. Would you like to translate entire sentences, websites or documents? Simply highlight everything that needs to be translated and use the same CTRL key and right click! You can even use any other key combination you like by changing the settings.

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You can now get the Babylon translation software free of any charge, but for a limited time only! This free translation software download has no hidden obligations and you’ll be able to use the software right away.

Not convinced? Babylon supports 75 languages. What is it you want to translate? Specific words from English to French? Sentences from Spanish to English? Lyrics from Italian to English? Want to translate an Arabic website to English? All of that is possible and a lot more!

Babylon does not only support 75 languages but also 1,400 dictionaries and encyclopedias. These include Oxford, Merriam-Webster and the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.

The Babylon translation software is very user friendly. Don’t just take our word for it, this is what has to say about it:

Babylon is by far the most useful, intuitive dictionary and translation tool for use with a computer. The ease with which you can call up definitions, translations and more makes this dictionary a ‘must’ for serious language learners and professionals”.

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