English to Italian Translation

Everyone knows that Italian is one of the Romance languages. Over 70 million people worldwide speak Italian. It is the native language of the residents in Italy, San Marino and Malta. There is also a large population of native Italian speakers in France, Slovenia, Switzerland and Croatia. For those who are native speakers, many are bilingual in having the ability to speak standard Italian as well as regional Italian.

English to Italian Translation
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In the country of Switzerland, the Italian language is one of the four official languages. You will hear Italian spoken mainly in Ticino and Grigioni located in the Swiss cantons. In addition, it is a primary language in the Vatican City, but was not adopted until after the unification of Italy. In Vatican City, you will hear a Tuscan dialect, which was once only spoken by the upper class Florentine society.

The Italian language is derived from Latin and is today the closest language to Latin. The reason for this is with the Italian language it kept the use of long and short consonants that was used in the Latin language. When it comes to vocabulary, Italian is also the closest to Latin of all Romances languages.

In the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau statistics, it was found that Italian is the fourth most spoken language within the United States. For this reason alone, you can see why English to Italian translation is so important. And when you factor in that the Italian language is spoken by 70 million worldwide, you can start to see the true benefits of learning English to Italian translation.

One of the first benefits of gaining English to Italian translations is you will receive increased employment opportunities. Over 7,500 American corporations do business with Italy and 1,000 of those have offices located in Italy. Notable corporations include Citibank, IBM, Motorola and General Electric. These companies need native English speakers who can speak fluent Italian to handle company business abroad. Another good career goal that you can achieve with proper English to Italian translation is a career in art history. The UNESCO states that over 60 percent of the world’s art treasures are located in Italy.

Another reason to equip yourself with English to Italian translations is that Italian will give you a strong foundation in learning other languages. Considering that Latin influenced most languages and that Italian is the closest spoken language to Latin, you will get a good linguistic background in other romance languages. This could help you immensely if in the future you want to learn a language such as Spanish or French.

Or maybe you just want to practice English to Italian translation for the sake of intellectual development, exposure to the Italian culture or ease of traveling when vacationing in Italy. Whatever your reason, English to Italian translation will open a wide range of possibilities. Want to get started quickly and easily? Get your free trial of English to Italian translation software now!