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Why would you get a download dictionary? Well… For starters, an interpreter is expensive. A human translator often asks tens of dollars per email or text that needs to be translated, so that adds up quickly. And it takes time to get your translation results as well. This is a luxury you might not be able to afford when dealing with today’s demanding global customers. After all, for the impatient amongst us, your competition is just a mouse click away.

Download DictionaryIn today’s international economy, language and communication skills are more vital than ever. In a lot of situations you need a text changed from one language to the other immediately. Maybe you want to look for some information quickly. Or you want to have a fast translation to read an email, website or document in a foreign language. Perhaps you are trying to write and exchange vital information in languages other than your own. Or did you find a solution to some technical problem on a Russian of Chinese forum, where even the alphabet looks different? In all these cases you might be greatly helped with a download dictionary!

Whether your translation needs are business related or personal, sometimes everyone needs a little support. Obviously the quality of the text will be higher when you learn to speak the language fluently yourself. And when you get fluent in a language, subtle distinctions are much clearer to you. But people tend to forget languages they rarely use. Therefore it is not very viable to expend a lot of energy learning languages you will hardly ever need.

The aim of the download dictionary is achieving a reliable and accurate translation. Normal functions for dictionary software therefore includes automatically recognizing the language of a text, integrating the dictionary software free download in other programs, like Microsoft Office and presenting a short definition for each term suggested by the spelling checker. The software should also support instant translations and definitions from both free dictionaries and premium content dictionaries from the world’s leading dictionary publishers.

On top of that, the software needs to be straightforward and easy to use, even for people who aren’t frequent computer users. In a single click, the download dictionary translates complete Web pages, documents in formats such as Word, PDF and text, to and from 75 languages. The download dictionary features audio pronunciation and has additional phonetic symbols to allow the user to pronounce and hear terms correctly.

Sounds too good to be true? It is not! And you can try it now, completely free of charge! A fully functional trial version of Babylon is available from this website. Just click the download link or arrow anywhere on this page ( Download Dictionary ) and you will be taken to the download page. No hidden obligations.. not even any personal information or email required!