Advantages/Disadvantages of Using Translation Software Free

When translation is required from one language to another, for example from French to English, there are three basic methods that can be employed:

  • the translation of each phrase on a word for word basis,
  • hiring someone who speaks both languages, or
  • using translation software.

Using simple dictionaries for a word by word translation is very time consuming and can often result in errors. Many words have different meanings in various contexts. And if the reader of the translated material finds the wording funny, that can be a bad reflection on your business. Allowing the gist of your material to be lost in translation can therefore mean the loss of clients.

Hiring someone who speaks a couple of languages generally leads to much better results. Therefore this option can be fine for small projects with an occasional need for translations. When you need your information translated to several different languages however, things get more complicated. In that situation you will probably need to find more than one translator. This can get very expensive, as the average cost for hiring a human translator ranges from $50.00 to $90.00 per email. Getting a trial of translation software free can quickly become very interesting.

Another factor to consider is the time required for translations. If you need a great number of translations fast, waiting days for a human translation is not really feasible. In today’s fast paced marketplace customers will not appreciate waiting days on a reply from you. Especially when the other provider of services is just a mouse-click away.

Downloading translation software free is a very good solution in those situations. The software allows many languages to be translated quickly. The translations can include:

  • Translating email messages
  • Translating letters, memos and reports
  • Translating employee handbooks or manuals
  • Translating Microsoft Word, PDF files, Excel files, Power Point presentations and web pages

Once you try it, you will see that language translation software can be an extremely useful tool to reduce translation costs and improve productivity. You can take any document and translate it in seconds to give you the gist of what is being said. It is nothing less than a technological miracle and technological improvements are made almost every day.

There are a number of factors that affect the accuracy of the translation results however. And the most important is the quality and structure of the text your are translating. It must have good sentence structure, proper spelling and good punctuation. It also helps a lot if no ambiguous words are used. Ambiguoud words are words that can have more than one meaning.

There are several approaches to enable a machine to distinguish between two meanings of a word. The first is the “shallow approach” that assumes no further research into the meaning of the text. In this method the proper meaning is chosen based on a statistical analysis of the words surrounding the ambiguous word. Shallow approaches are pretty successful, but of course there is always a chance of guessing wrong.

The other method is called the “deep approach” in which the proper meaning of the word is retrieved. A human translator could for example place a phonecall to the original author to find out what was meant exactly. The ideal deep approach would require the translation software to do all this research on its own. This would however require a higher degree of Artificial Intelligence than has yet been attained.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is hard for a machine to distinguish between words that should be translated, and words that should be kept “as is”. Named entities like the name of a person, corporation, town, etc are often better kept in the original language.

But as long as you are aware of the weaker points, the advantages of using translation software free far outweigh the disadvantages. Just make sure that a reputable and proven software is used and that the most important outgoing documents are reviewed before your customerbase can notice any incidental errors.

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